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Best-in-Class Expat Health and Ancillary
Insurance in a Single Solution


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Best-in-Class Expat Health
and Ancillary Insurance in a
Single Solution

The Best of

Both Worlds

Global benefits have become increasingly complex. Ease of administration is important, but so are best-in-class products from specialists with deep expertise.

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Providing comprehensive benefits for expats often
meant choosing one or the other. Until now.

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There's No Need to Compromise

GeoBlue and MetLife Worldwide Benefits have joined forces to deliver GlobalineTM, a comprehensive suite of health, life and long term disability (LTD) products and services in a single solution.

  • Expat health products with options for dental, vision, prescription, wellness and international EAP, and political and natural disaster assistance
  • Life and LTD coverage with enhanced solutions such as will preparation, estate planning and grief counselling
  • A comprehensive plan that's easy to implement and manage with a single proposal for the entire suite of coverage and a single point of contact, from implementation to account servicing through to eligibility, billing and renewal

With Globaline, you don't have to compromise on simplicity or quality-you get the best of both worlds.

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The Need for a Joint Solution

of employer groups

reported an increase in international assignments in the past year1

of employers

expect the population of their expat workforce to increase over the next three years2

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Employers and brokers prefer to buy from a single provider who can provide
comprehensive benefits and simplify the administration of their global
benefits programs

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Brokers and employers have had to prioritize convenience over quality, as
current packaged solutions don’t offer best-in-class coverage for both
health and ancillary benefits

Globaline Brings Together Two
Experts in Expat Coverage

Both GeoBlue and MetLife are trusted experts in global employee benefits. We have more than 85 years of combined experience helping employers and employees navigate the complexities of international benefits. And we're specialists in providing globally compliant solutions across various product offerings and regulated markets.

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Blue Cross® Blue Shield ® serves 1 in 3 Americans

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MetLife serves 96% of the Fortune 100

Globaline makes it easier than ever to administer quality health and ancillary benefits by bringing together the offerings of two global benefits leaders in one single solution.

GeoBlue International Health Coverage MetLife Life andLTD Plans
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Clients are expecting to
offer the whole set of
benefits with one carrier.
One solution with life
insurance, disability
insurance, expatriate
[medical] insurance and
medical evacuation.

- Benefits broker3

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...Pairing MetLife's brand
awareness and life &
disability with GeoBlue's
medical network and
service channels would
create something truly

- Benefits broker4