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Convalesce like A Victorian: Planning Travel for a Period of Recovery3 min read
Healthy Travel
August 05, 2022, Eve Legato
The idea of returning to work after the acute phase of an illness is a modern, Western phenomenon. In the Victorian era, it was common to have a long period of convalescence—a time of recovery and recuperation—following an illness. In the absence of today’s modern medical cures, patients suffering f…
French Vegetable Quiche2 min read
Healthy Travel
August 02, 2022, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Quiche is a delicious way to sneak lots of healthy produce into your family, while also minimizing food waste by utilizing a variety of ingredients in smaller quantities. Versatile and quick to prepare, it’s the ideal recipe to have in your repertoire for both easy meal prep and no-stress entertaini…
Overtourism and How to Avoid It2 min read
Healthy Travel
July 26, 2022, Cassie Drumm
Tourism can boost a community’s economy by bringing in more people to spend money at local businesses and attractions. But overtourism happens when a destination buckles under the volume of tourism, tanking quality of life for locals, destroying the natural environment and, in turn, negatively affec…
Best Summer Road Trips in Canada4 min read
Healthy Travel
July 22, 2022, Kayla Kurin
Visitors to Canada might be surprised to find that, in the summer months, the great white north gets pretty hot and humid. Given the lack of good public transit outside of the main cities and the vast expanse of land to explore, jumping in a car and heading to the nearest coast, lake or glacier […