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The Healthy Eater’s Guide to Foodie Paradise in Georgetown, Malaysia3 min read
Healthy Travel
April 20, 2021, Kayla Kurin
Forget gourmet dining and expensive white tablecloth dinners. In Georgetown, Penang, an island on the Northwestern coast of Malaysia, street food reigns supreme.  For many of us, street food conjures ideas of deep-fried, cheap, greasy food, better suited for a snack on the way home from the bar than…
5 Spring Festivals from Around the World3 min read
Healthy Travel
April 09, 2021, Erica Hayton
All around the world, spring is a symbol of rebirth. Temperatures are getting warmer and days are getting longer, making it the perfect time to celebrate.  Every culture has its own way of welcoming in the new season. Here are some spring traditions from across the globe.  1. Holi, India  Holi is ar…
Vegan Passover Brisket3 min read
Healthy Travel
March 30, 2021, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
The traditional centerpiece at Passover, brisket is a mainstay of the Seder meal, and a delicious way to feed a celebratory crowd. This vegan twist on the classic utilizes mushrooms and tempeh as the base for a tender and savory brisket stand-in, that’s braised in the same richly flavored sauce as t…
Top Springtime Blooms Around the World4 min read
Healthy Travel
March 23, 2021, Danielle Owen
There’s nothing that screams springtime more loudly than the blooming of flowers after a long winter. All around the world, you’ll find colorful blooms transforming everything from cities to deserts in the spring months. Check out some of the most beautiful blooms from the south of France down to Ch…