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Finding Dali in the Bay of Cadaques4 min read
Healthy Travel
June 28, 2022, Kayla Kurin
I am hungry. So hungry. I shuffle around the cobbled streets and peer in the windows of white stone shops and restaurants hoping something will be open. My legs and feet are sore from the nine-day hike I’m on. I arrived in the Bay of Cadaques the previous night to a gorgeous view of the […] Th…
Somali Chicken Stew (Digaag Qumbe)2 min read
Healthy Travel
June 21, 2022, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Comfort food at its finest, this traditional Somali dish comes together quickly, yet tastes of all-day cooking with its complex flavors. Chicken provides protein and satiety, while coconut milk acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antimicrobial ingredient, also supporting cardiovascular hea…
Five Must-Read Travel Books by LGBTQ+ Writers2 min read
Healthy Travel
June 14, 2022, Eve Legato
It’s Pride Month, and that means lifting up stories of the LGBTQ+ community. And what better time to explore new travel books than the beginning of summer? Whether you’re flying somewhere new in the next few months, or not going far, these travel books by queer voices will take you to new places.  T…
Healthy Travel Tips for Beach Vacations with Infants5 min read
Healthy Travel
June 10, 2022, Danielle Owen
Going to the beach is one of the best family getaways you can take, even if you have a little one who can’t quite enjoy the surf or build sandcastles yet. The fresh air and laidback time together as a family can do wonders for everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing. Traveling anywhere with an infa…