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3 Tips for Traveling the World With Food Restrictions4 min read
Healthy Travel
September 20, 2022, Beth Rush
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), there are approximately 1.4 billion international travelers annually—56 times higher than the 25 million annual jet-setters in 1950. While escaping to a foreign land makes for exciting excursions and lifelong memories, having dietar…
Australian Peach Salad with Feta2 min read
Healthy Travel
September 13, 2022, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Australian peaches are known for their incredible sweetness and firm texture, making them one of the most popular fruits in the country during the summer months of October through April. When paired with sweet corn and salty feta, the peaches truly take center stage. A light rice wine vinegar dressi…
Avoid Hurricane Season on this Tiny Caribbean Island 3 min read
Healthy Travel
September 06, 2022, Danielle Owen
When sweaters start emerging from the depths of dresser drawers, travelers start dreaming of the sandy beaches and clear blue waters of the Caribbean. For most of the region’s islands, however, the fall months are also the peak of hurricane season. However, not all of the Caribbean is in the “hurric…
Five Great Destinations for Gluten-Free Travelers4 min read
Healthy Travel
August 30, 2022, Eve Legato
When you’re gluten-free, traveling internationally can be a challenge. Not all countries have the same level of awareness about celiac disease and gluten sensitivities, or education about what gluten-free really means. Plus, language barriers can make it harder to communicate your needs to servers a…