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5 Hikes to Experience Across Europe This Summer 3 min read
Healthy Travel
June 08, 2023, Danielle Owen
Ready to explore some of the world’s most trek-worthy terrain? Europe is full of hiking opportunities of varying types and intensities with some of the world’s most spectacular nature along the way. From the Alps to the Dolomites, the mountain ranges here are known as some of the most picturesque on…
Honeycomb Cheese Bread (Rooti Farmaajo)3 min read
Healthy Travel
May 30, 2023, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Popular throughout Somalia, especially during the Muslim holy days of Ramadan, this deliciously sweet and savory bread is the ideal way to break a fast, or to simply enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up. This version gets a probiotic kick from labneh, a soft Middle Eastern cheese made from strained yogu…
Protect Yourself On Your Beach Vacation: Sunscreen Tips From a Person with Sensitive Skin3 min read
Healthy Travel
May 23, 2023, Eve Legato
I’ve always had to be careful about my skin. I’ve long been told that I inherited fair skin from the Irish side of my family. Growing up, I’d watch my siblings (blessed with skin inherited from the Italian half) develop easy tans on vacations while my skin went straight from white to red in the […
Less Crowded European Destination Worth a Summer Visit 3 min read
Healthy Travel
May 17, 2023, Danielle Owen
Everybody loves Europe in the summer. In fact, we all love Europe in the summer a little too much. During the few short months of truly hot weather on the continent, Americans flock to Europe in the millions. Good luck seeing the Trevi Fountain or enjoying your visit to Buckingham Palace amongst thr…