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Vacation Gut: Don’t Ruin Your Hard-Earned Fitness with the “Vacation 5”2 min read
Healthy Travel
August 18, 2017, Mairead Denton
Treat yourself on vacation, but don’t let it get out of hand. The last souvenir you want to bring home is 5 extra pounds. Throwing diet and exercise out the window on vacation can ruin all of your hard-earned progress. But here’s the good news – avoiding the “vacation 5” is easier than you thi…
Exploring England: See Cambridge by Foot, Bike, and Boat3 min read
Healthy Travel
August 16, 2017, Jeff Rechler
Located about 60 miles from London, Cambridge makes for an excellent day trip and is a worthy travel destination in its own right. Spend a short time there and you’ll quickly discover why it is considered one of the loveliest towns in England. Cambridge is chock full of exquisite architecture, lush …
Become a Yoga Guru on Your Next Vacation4 min read
Healthy Travel
August 14, 2017, Mairead Denton
On your next vacation, why not combine your passion for travel and yoga? Schools and retreats across the world offer training programs to students who wish to become instructors. It’s a chance to embark on a yoga journey to the destination you’ve been dying to cross off your bucket list, and maybe j…
Safety and Travel Tips for the Solar Eclipse2 min read
Healthy Travel
August 10, 2017, Mina Lezenby
On August 21, the Great American Solar Eclipse will dominate the skies. For a brief moment, the sun will be totally eclipsed by the moon as both pass over the U.S. To see the total eclipse, you will need to be within 60 – 70 miles of the path. As the sun and moon pass […]