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Recipe: Australian Prawns with Peach Salsa2 min read
Healthy Travel
July 13, 2018, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
With over 22,000 miles of coastline, Australian cuisine comprises a bevy of fabulous seafood. These vibrantly spiced prawns showcase that perfectly, and are deliciously offset by this bright and tangy peach salsa.
Slight Turbulence14 sec read
Healthy Travel
July 06, 2018, Terry LaBan
  Slight Turbulence is Healthy Travel Blog’s cartoon series, provided by Terry LaBan, illustrator for the popular strip, Edge City.
It’s All Greek To Me: 5 Healthy Ways to Explore Athens2 min read
Healthy Travel
July 05, 2018, Juliette Housel
Going on vacation often means indulgence—luxuries we usually restrain ourselves from like high-calorie foods and lounging around now become everyday occurrences. Getaways in new exotic lands lead even the healthiest individuals to think, “I’m on holiday—I deserve a treat.” One vacation spot that man…
4 Solo Female Travel Tips3 min read
Healthy Travel
June 28, 2018, Alissa Valentine
Solo travel is one of the most rewarding things you can do; it provides the opportunity to learn about yourself, other cultures, and leaves you with stories and memories you will carry with you throughout your life. However, I always thought traveling alone as a female would be difficult, dangerous,…