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Traveling with Fibromyalgia: 5 Tips to Make Your Trip a Success3 min read
Healthy Travel
April 27, 2017, Bill Conn
Traveling when you’re perfectly healthy can be hard on your body. When you have chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia, it can be grueling. You’ll have to deal with lots of walking through the airport, cramped seating, time changes and irregular schedules, food you’re not familiar with, and a bed that’…
Healthy Recipe: Turkish Chickpea Grain Salad1 min read
Healthy Travel
April 25, 2017, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
This bright and refreshing grain salad bowl comes together in fifteen minutes flat, making it perfect for those hectic weeknight dinners. Packed with plant based protein and fiber from chickpeas, healthy whole grains from the couscous, vitamin C from the lemon juice and tomatoes, and beneficial mono…
The Healthiest Boutique Hotels for 20172 min read
Healthy Travel
April 21, 2017, Bill Conn
Staying in a chain hotel is usually nothing special. Regardless of the city or even the country you’re visiting, you get pretty much the same thing each and every time. Sure, the service is reliable and you can count on clean sheets, but there’s nothing much to get excited about. Boutique hotels, on…
Slight Turbulence6 sec read
Healthy Travel
April 20, 2017, Terry LaBan