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High-Altitude Hiking: Exploring Peru’s Sacred Valley4 min read
Healthy Travel
June 15, 2021, Kayla Kurin
The Inca Trail might be the first thing people think of when planning a hiking trip in Peru. Yet, for those looking to avoid the crowds, explore more of the area, or simply want a shorter trek, there are plenty of day hikes with spectacular views, Incan ruins and llama hoof prints to satisfy the [&#…
Brown Rice Mushroom Congee2 min read
Healthy Travel
June 11, 2021, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Congee, the ultimate Chinese comfort food, gets a whole-grain spin with the easy substitution of brown rice. Simple and satisfying, this recipe is just the thing to make when you’re feeling under the weather or craving something warming and heartening. Brown rice is a nutritional powerhouse, offerin…
What Is Fish Poisoning and How Can You Avoid It?3 min read
Healthy Travel
June 08, 2021, Nicole Jenet
One thing many people look forward to when traveling to tropical and beach destinations is the fresh food they’ll be able to indulge in. Even better, most of these fresh fruits, vegetables and fish are healthy, so there’s no post-meal guilt. While fish tends to be a healthy source of protein and ome…
What is Global Wellness Day?3 min read
Healthy Travel
June 04, 2021, Danielle Owen
Global Wellness Day will take place on June 12, 2021. The theme this year, aptly, is “Protecting Our Mental Wellness.”  2020 was nothing short of a tumultuous year no matter who you are or where you live. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone on Earth and the longer it continues, the harder …