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The Sargassum Situation: When Seaweed Threatens Your Tropical Vacation3 min read
Healthy Travel
October 22, 2019, Bill Conn
Turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, 90-degree days and tropical breezes. It’s the stuff of vacation brochures and the dream of many a landlocked traveler with two weeks of downtime to spend in a luxurious location. So imagine my surprise when I stepped out on my balcony at a little beach town …
Moroccan Spiced Red Lentil Dip2 min read
Healthy Travel
October 09, 2019, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
This delicious and decadent tasting dip is savory, smoky, sweet, and delicious on everything from crackers to sandwiches to roasted vegetables. Lentils are a protein powerhouse, packed with fiber, iron, and compounds that help stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol. The Moroccan inspired spice …
5 European Halloween Traditions to Observe This Fall4 min read
Healthy Travel
October 07, 2019, Jamie Cattanach
To modern Americans, Halloween might mean costume contests, booze-fueled evenings of dancing, or munching on enough pieces of “fun-sized” candy to stir up a decidedly unfun gastrointestinal reaction. But the tradition of Halloween is way older than the absurd “sexy” costumes and ubiquitous plastic p…
International Fall Foliage Tour: 3 Places to Soak in Autumn’s Beauty2 min read
Healthy Travel
October 03, 2019, Francesca D'Annibale
Fall can be breathtakingly beautiful. Even if it’s not your favorite season there’s no denying the picturesque beauty of the changing colors and the satisfying sound of leaves crunching under your feet. Plus, on most days the sun is still shining and warm, allowing for outdoor activities with near-p…